Hy-gene Inspectors and Projects Pty Ltd


The Company performs a wide variety of (basic and complex) food, environmental and chemical tests and analyses.

We do:
Platform tests (Proximate Analysis) for:
pH, Fats and oils, Protein, Fat, Ash, Carbohydrates and Energy(calculations), Fatty acids, Peroxide value, Viscosity, Moisture, etc

Chemical Analysis for:
Fat content on dairy products, Acidity, Oil content, etc
We perform Technical Surveys and Audits. These Technical Surveys are thorough assessments of areas relating to chemical or/and microbiological risk in a food production facility and/or process (kitchen or factory).

We cover the following key result areas in our Technical Surveys:


  • * Bacteriological evaluation of prepared foods.
  • * Chemical application, cleaning and sanitizing.
  • * Bacteriological evaluation of all major food processing areas and equipment.
  • * Staff Hygiene.
  • * Temperature control.
  • * Supplier products evaluation.
  • * Mains water and/or ice survey.
  • * Areas allied to production.

We cover a range of microbiological Analysis.

Food Microbiology, Pathogenic Microbiology, Water Microbiology, Swabs and Others
These microbiological and chemical analyses are targeted at all food and/or product channels that have a potential of putting either certain sections of the community or the community at large at any health risk.  Our regular monitoring of the food and product channels reduces the potential hazards that are born of poor hygiene, processes and spoilage in the food industry. 

The points of interest are:
Hospitals,  Prisons,  Restaurants,  Military camps,  Mines,  Factories,  Hotels,  Hostels,  Community water supplies,  Dairy products,  Farm products,  Orphanages,  Old-age homes, etc