About Us

Naleli M Holdings Pty Ltd is a small company that is based in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein. It is 100% black, 50% female and youth owned.  The company was started with the aim of creating a small enterprise that would be professional and growth driven in all its business engagements.  The directors of this company have skills and experience in video and digital production, financial risk management, quantitative analysis and large business dynamics. Naleli M Holdings Pty Ltd is positioned to accomplish its mission.



Our principal values are simplicity in professionalism and excellent service at all times.


1Our vision is to become a large enterprise that will expand its services to the national and international scope.  We wish to promote good business practices and professional approach using the scientific methods to do business.


We aspire to become the service provider of choice in all our business divisions in South Africa and the rest of Africa.


2Our mission is to improve our technical side constantly and adhere to the professional business conduct that results in a respectable recognition with every client we give a service to. 

We promote employment to young South Africans that are in the fields of all the business services that we provide, as we plan to establish offices at different points of our highest business activity.


3Our growth strategy is to increase our clientele in line with our technical staff at a steady rate, according to our mission statement.   We also partner with other companies to improve on the quality of services we provide to our clients.